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Keratoconus Glossary K-L

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Keratectomy - The portion of the LASIK procedure in which the surgeon raises a thin layer of the cornea - creates a corneal flap - with an instrument called a microkeratome, to expose the layer of the cornea called the stroma. 


Keratoconus - (kehr-uh-toh-KOH-nus). Degenerative corneal disease affecting vision. Characterized by generalized thinning and cone-shaped protrusion of the central cornea, usually in both eyes.


Keratocytes - Keratocytes are the cells of the corneal stroma which are responsible for secretion and maintenance of the strong transparent connective tissue of the cornea.


Keratomileusis - The carving of the cornea formerly done with a lathe and blade, now done with an excimer laser.


Keratoplasty - The replacement (transplantation) of the cornea. Keratoplasty can be lamellar (replacement of superficial layers) or penetrating (replacement of the full thickness of the cornea).


Keratotomy - A surgical incision (cut) of the cornea.





Lamellar keratoplasty - The replacement of superficial layers of the cornea with the layers of another donor cornea.

Laser - An acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. A medical instrument that produces a powerful beam of light and can produce intense heat or cool vaporization when focused at close range. Lasers are often used in surgery to remove tissue.


LASEK (Laser Epithelial Keratomileusis) - Similar to LASIK, except that a incisions are made to a flap in the epithelium only, instead of through the epithelium and part of the stroma.

Legal blindness - Best-corrected visual acuity of 20/200 or worse, or reduction in visual field to 20 degrees or less, in the better-seeing eye.


Leucomas - Scars that are dense and white.


Limbus - Boundary area connecting the cornea and sclera.


Limbal relaxing incisions (LRI) - Deep incisions made at the junction of the Cornea and sclera to relax the cornea where it is steep. This results in a decrease in Astigmatism. Most commonly used in conjunction with cataract surgery or refractive lensectomy.

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