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Keratoconus Glossary G-H

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Glare - A complication of refractive surgery in which the patient sees additional luster around lights. Glare is a subjective experience that often decreases with time.


Glaucoma -.Group of diseases characterized by increased intraocular pressure resulting in damage to the optic nerve and retinal nerve fibers. A common cause of preventable vision loss. May be treated by prescription drugs or surgery.


Ghosting - A distortion of image due to irregular healing of the corneal surface.




Halos - A complication of refractive surgery in which the patient sees additional rings around lights at night. Halos are subjective experiences that often decrease with time.


Haze - A relatively rare complication of LASIK caused by the deposition of ground substance in the cornea. An ophthalmologist can measure the haze response of a patient's eye under a slit lamp, but patients' experiences of haze vary. Outcomes for the patient include decreased night vision, halos or loss of best corrected visual acuity. Caused by the eye's reaction to the laser, haze often decreases with time and is more common with PRK.Higher Order Aberrations
Subtle imperfection of the optics of the eye above and beyond nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism; not corrected with glasses or contact lenses


Hyperopes - People who are farsighted.


Hyperopia - The ophthalmic term for farsightedness. In the hyperopic eye, images are focused in back of the retina. The hyperopic eye is often described as being too flat or too short.

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