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Keratoconus - Frequently asked Questions: SoClear Lens
SoClear Lens FAQs
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Keratoconus SoClear


What is the SoClear Lens Technology ?

The core principle of the patented SoClear Lens Technology is based upon distribution of pressure. Traditional RGP contact lenses have their bearing pressure upon the cornea of the eye. SoClear lenses, gently touch the cornea, and then a small portion of the sclera. By “sharing” the bearing touch of the lens, the comfort characteristics achieved in a properly fit SoClear lens can be remarkable. SoClear brings together the comfort of a silicone hydrogel (soft) lens and the great optics of RGP materials.


What indications are SoClear lenses used for ?

The core principles of SoClear lens makes it very useful for a variety of different “indications” or eye problems. SoClear lens got its start with Keratoconus. By allowing great comfort coupled with great vision, vary many patient have had a life changing experience by using SoClear lenses. Continuing in the “problem” eye arena, SoClears have been fit on PMD, corneal grafts, post “Intacts” Post Refractive Surgery, etc. By combining the benefits of Soft and RGP lenses, the next progression for SoClear was into Single Vision and Presbyopic lenses. Due to its very high success rate, SoClear is the number one custom large diameter lens in the world.


I have Keratoconus, what can I expect when I go to my doctor to be fit with SoClear lenses ?

Trust in your doctor’s guidance. If he or she says SoClear are a great fit for you, the first thing you will do is an initial fitting. This will be accomplished by using “Trial” lenses. These lenses approximate the various curvatures of the eye that can occur. After taking this trial fitting coupled with your individual readings, the doctor will order the lens. In many cases, this lens will be the one that is just right for you. You should have great vision, great comfort, and great ocular health.


I have heard from a friend with Keratoconus about SoClear lenses.  How may I be fit with them ?

First, see if your practitioner has started fitting them. If not, you may ask them to acquire a trial lens set so that you may be fit with SoClears.  


In what countries are SoClear Lenses Available ?

The following are the current countries where SoClear Lens is available as of June 1, 2009. SoClear, for all indications, is the fastest growing lens in the world in the large diameter category. More than 30 countries are slated for a SoClear launch in the next two years.

                        United States

                        United Kingdom





I wear multifocals will this lens work for me ?

Yes this lens has proven to be very effective for people who have Presbyopia and need bifocals or trifocals for reading and computer use. Because of the unique design the lens is much easier to adapt to and wear than traditional multifocal contact lenses.


I play sports will this lens work while being active ?

Yes because of the larger design active sports participants find that the lens will not dislodge during active sports. The limited movement can enhance acuity and allow you to perform you chosen sport with greater accuracy. We have had users inform us of great results in sports ranging from Soccer, to auto racing.


How comfortable are the lenses to wear ?

Because the lens is a larger diameter than you may be use to it may look different at first. Because of the patented design and the fact that the edges of the lens are always under the upper and lower eye lid superior comfort is achieved.


Are these lenses healthy for me to wear ?

Yes the materials that SoClear lenses are manufactured from allows oxygen to travel directly to the eye unlike other contact lenses that rely on your tears to keep your eye healthy.

This is an important fact and so we put it in our slogan “Clear Comfortable Healthy Vision”.


How long will my SoClear Lenses last ?

With reasonable handling you can expect them to last up to 18 months.


Are the SoClear Lenses easy to put in my eye ?

Yes, when properly fit the lens insertion and removal is very easy and will not take any longer than any other type of contact lens. Your eyecare professional will show how, along with how to care for your new SoClear Lenses.



Keratoconus SoClear

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